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I´m an aspiring programmer. A student at Faculty of IT on Masaryk university. A determined and purposeful person.

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What I’m working on

Cloud Server

This site is running on our rented server in the cloud. We have a lot of cool applications ranging from a self-hosted password manager to our own discord bot. Everything is running under the domain ``. This website is running a wordpress docker image routed with Apache. I put a...


I want to improve in writing effective algorithms, so LeetCode is the perfect solution for me. I also want to discover advanced programming concepts, which I didn't learn yet.

Organization of KSI

After sucessfully completing KSI (Korespondenční Seminář z Informatiky) and getting into Masaryk University, I was invited to the team of organizers. So far it taught me how to work in a bigger collective and cooperate through GitHub.

Mobile App

It was one of my goals to create a mobile app. Since I moved to Brno, I always had trouble finding out what can I cook. I decided to make an app that keeps track of my ingredinets and my recipes. It was my first full-stack project. From designing the...


Cisco configuration website

A website created to help me and my friend easily configure a cisco network.

Terminal Integration

My job in GUBI was to create a working integration of payment terminals into their system. I programmed it in Centura on whitch their whole system is built upon. It's also intertwined with SQL because everything is stored in a database.
Company: GUBI Group


Simple tetris game made purely with vanilla JavaScript using classes. It has around 400 lines of code and it was made in 3 days.

HackIT 2024

A hackaton organized in Plzeň. It's goal was to help disabled people. Our team made a game controlled only by brain waves using BrainLink.


GUBI Group
GUBI Group, Software Engineer
Šumperk | November, 2022 - April, 2023

In my 4th year of middle school I was offered a job in GUBI Group. I worked there as a part of my graduation project. I implemented a payment terminal system into their application.

CERIT-SC, Software Engineer
Brno | April, 2024 - August, 2024

I was offered to work at CERIT in my first year on Masaryk University. The company specializes in analyzing scientific data and cloud computing. I expect to learn a proper workflow of a bigger company.


Badges & Skills


High School
Vyšší odborná škola a Střední průmyslová škola, Šumperk September, 2019 - May, 2023

Masaryk University
Faculty of Informatics October, 2023 - June, 2026